Design Options

Windows come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and as specialist in Plantation shutters, we can offer a bespoke solution to suit your individual requirements. Plantation shutters are suitable for use in every room in the house including conservatories, kitchens and bathrooms. There will be several design options available for you to consider before you place an order, including size of louvres, tilt rod position and colour.
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Introducing Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are usually fitted internally (room side), and are timber frames with hinged door panels which incorporate a series of louvres which allow you to adjust the angle at which the light enters the room.

Plantation shutters offer you full control over the level of privacy you desire, and can be adjusted very easily. By installing shutters, you can also cut down on noise levels as well as helping to control the temperature of the room depending on the weather conditions e.g. keeping the room warm in winter, and cool in the summer, whilst still allowing light into the room.

Plantation shutters are manufactured from high quality materials and are available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, including a great range of ecologically sourced hardwood (Boston Premium, Phoenix and Carolina). These ranges can even be custom coloured to your specification. So whether you prefer a beautiful timber finish or an elegant colour, we have a solution for you.

We also offer a wide range of shutter designs for more unusual shapes such as arched, triangular or circular windows. The sketches below show a few of the options available.


The shutters are available in a wide variety of colours, we offer our standard range of colours including 5 shades of white as well as a selection of Farrow and Ball inspired colours for the timber ranges, but for a small additional cost you can have your shutters custom coloured to match.
Click the image below for full colour options.

Timber Finishes

Our range of Hardwood shutters are available in a wide variety of stained finishes to match most timbers and are lightweight enabling them to be used on windows and doors with wider openings.
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Tilt Rod Options

There are three options to operate the louvres:-

Central tilt rod
This gives a more traditional ‘plantation shutter’ look and can add a lot of interest to wider panels.
Always gives a lovely symmetrical appearance even with odd numbers of panels. The tilt rods are a great option and easy to keep clean.

Off-set tilt rod
A twist on the traditional look, usually set to the hinged side of the shutter panel.
ooks best when using an even number of panels and offers a slightly clearer view through the louvres.

Easy tilt
Which has a hidden tilt mechanism built inside the panel stiles, meaning no need for a tilt rod (move any louvre and the whole tier will tilt in unison) this can create a more modern feel with uninterrupted views through the louvres. Suited to any width of panel, particularly nice on very narrow panels such as those used in a Tier – on- tier application.


The louvres (horizontal slats) allow you to easily adjust the amount of light you wish to have in the room and are available in a variety of sizes.

Our designer can help you to decide which size is best suited to your requirements, so that if you wish to have a higher level of privacy for example, then perhaps a medium or smaller louvre would be more suitable, whereas a larger louvre may offer you better views over a private garden area, whilst still giving you full control over the light.

Louvre options

The Cambridge Shutter Company Louvre Options

Special Shapes


Fan Top

Starburst Panel

Louvre Arch Single

Louvre Arch Double

Tapered Panels

Triangle Sunburst Louvres

Triangle Horizontal Louvres

Fan Top Sunburst Louvres

Fan Top Horizontal Louvres

Circle Horizontal Louvres

Circle Sunburst Louvres