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Corona Virus – Current practice

Online Initial consultations


Throughout the Pandemic we have been trying to reduce the amount of face-to-face contact we have with customers in their homes, because we feel it is the responsible course of action to take in a bid to help reduce the potential spread of the virus.

Rather than coming to your home, we are offering initial consultations by email and phone.

How does this work?

1. Take a photo(s) of the window(s) you’d like to have shutters on using your phone or iPad (it is helpful to be able to see as much of the window as possible) and email them to us at

2. If you have a tape measure, take a measurement across the full width of the window recess and from the sill to the top of the recess and send these with your photos. (don’t worry, if you’re not sure where to measure, let us know when you send the photo(s) and we can guide you)
3. We will send you some photos of shutters from our own extensive gallery (not on the website) that we think will suit the style of your window, so that you can see all the options available to you.

4. Let us know which style(s) you prefer? and we can send you some prices.

5. If you are happy with the information? we will book a ‘Quick survey’ appointment to come to your home so we can take accurate measurements whilst you look at the samples and choose the final design details like colour and slat size. (this should only take @ 15-20 minutes – depending on the number of windows to measure)

Of course, If you feel unable to send photos and measurements, we can arrange a full consultation in your home instead.

Covid tests

I am currently taking part in the Rapid Covid testing scheme (twice a week) as per government recommendations for people like me who cannot work from home. This gives me (and hopefully you) the reassurance that I am not bringing the virus undetected into your home. However, it is still vital that we maintain a safe working practice every day.

Before the appointment, please move any furniture from directly in front of the windows (where possible) and take ornaments etc. from the sills so that I won’t need to touch anything. Then open the windows a little for ventilation.

During the appointment

* I will wear a face mask as it is more likely that we will be in the same room and between 1-2 meters apart; I would ask that you also wear a mask if possible?

* Please wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser before handling any of the samples. I will also use hand sanitiser before and during the appointment.

Full consultation in your home

How does this work?

1. Email us at or use the contact enquiry form and request a consultation. Depending on demand you might have to wait @ 1-2 weeks for an appointment.

2. We bring samples to your home and discuss the possible design options with you.

3. Then we measure the windows you want a quotation for (depending on the number of windows and the complexity, this usually takes @ an hour or so to complete).

4. We take the information back to the office and prepare a quotation for you based on the choices discussed. This will be emailed to you for consideration.

Safety precautions during Consultation or Quick survey

When I come to your home my priority is to keep everyone as safe as possible and to reduce the opportunity for transmitting the virus. This is especially important as we may be seeing more than one customer on the day.

Safety precautions during Installation

It is very important that you inform us if anyone in your household or bubble is ill or displaying any symptoms of Corona virus. We are only booking installations a week ahead, so if you need to push the installation back a week or two that is not a problem.

We are following Government guidance and are working as a small bubble.

  • Please open windows prior to our arrival and move furniture from directly in front of the windows if possible?
  • We are unable to wear a face mask during the installation due to the physical nature of the work so will ask you to remain in another part of the house once you let us in.
  • We will use hand sanitiser throughout the day at regular intervals.
  • Once the installation is complete, I will invite you to come and see the finished shutters and demonstrate how to use and maintain them. We ask that everyone in the room wears a face mask at this stage.
  • There is no need to offer us anything to drink whilst we are in your home as we will bring our own.

Current lead times (during the pandemic)

Traditionally we see inflated lead times at this point in the calendar to @ 12 weeks as Chinese New Year (and the subsequent factory closures), lead to a backlog of orders from around the world. This usually get back to a normal level @ 7-9 weeks by April.

Unfortunately, this year, the lead times are increased further and current estimates are around 12 weeks. As of 22nd March lead times are improving steadily. This reflects the hugely increased volume of freight travelling by sea (opposed to by Airfreight, which has seen costs more than double due to the limited number of flights in operation during the pandemic). More ships than ever are carrying the maximum number of containers, which is leading to congestion in ports around the world, meaning containers are taking additional time to off-load, process and release through customs.

Due to these delays, our supplier will only advise us of our expected delivery dates for each consignment once goods have left the port. This way we can be certain when we book your installation date your shutters will be arriving on time and without further delay.