Our Ranges

Our Plantation Shutters are available in a number of different ranges
which incorporate differing designs, construction materials and finishes.


An MDF shutter engineered with an LVL core, LDF outer body and polymer coated in a choice of nine extremely durable finishes. Maintenance free and very strong, with a wipe clean surface.

Now available in 9 colour choices. Ideal for small and medium sized panels due to some weight restrictions.


An MDF frame with extruded ABS louvres which allows for an extra width panel that is not achievable with Timber or MDF.

Available in a choice of 23 colours. Ideal for use in conservatories.


A lighter weight option, consisting of an MDF frame with shutter panels crafted from solid basswood in a painted finish. All shutter stiles have mortice and tenon joints to prevent warping.

Now available in 23 colours or custom colour.

Boston Premium:

Both the frame and panels are crafted from solid basswood with a painted finish. All shutter stiles have mortice and tenon joints to prevent warping.

Available in 28 selected colours. Custom colours are also available for a small additional charge.


Our All Hardwood range (incl frame). A closer grained timber with a smooth painted finish. This beautiful product lends itself to a wide variety of styles including Tier-on-tier as well as any Standard or Special shapes and French cut-out door panels.

Available in our standard range of 23 painted colours or in your choice of custom colour.


Hardwood/lightweight timber stain or painted.
A very lightweight, grainy timber giving a look ideal for stained and painted finishes. The Phoenix wood grows to full height within 8 years so is the eco-friendly choice.

Available in 29 painted colours and 22 stained finishes. Ideal for Special shapes and French cut-out door panels.


This 100% waterproof shutter is made from ABS with a Matt finish and reinforced style. Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens or areas with high moisture levels. Available in custom shapes.

Now available in 23 colours.